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News Results of the Literary Awards Ceremony Hertfordshire Press 2018!

Results of the Literary Awards Ceremony Hertfordshire Press 2018!

Results of the Literary Awards Ceremony Hertfordshire Press 2018!



The successful activity of the Eurasian creative Guild in 2019 speaks for themselves. On January 11, the Annual Awards Ceremony Hertfordshire Press took place. The ceremony was held in the cultural capital of Great Britain in the elite place of London writers - British Library. More than 30 of the brightest representatives of the creative elite of Great Britain and Eurasia attended the ceremony in one of the most prestigious halls of the British Library - Eliot Room.

The award ceremony was held by David Parry (fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, first Chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), and the winners in the nominations were awarded by Marat Akhmedjanov (publisher of Hertfordshire Press and vice president of Eurasian Creative Guild).

The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Tajikistan - Mr.Masud Khalifazoda. Also at the event were representatives of the embassies of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The special guests of the ceremony were:

• Representative (CATBIG) - Peter C Lindsay
• Film producer - Pierre Sandler
• National artist of Tajikistan - Tolib Shahidi
• Famous architect and poet - Andrew Ria
• A representative of the magazine “London Review of Books” - Sara Roth
• Actress Theater and Cinema - Jerry Skins
• As well as representatives of the British Library and other guests

In 2019, for the ceremony were nominated 15 authors, editors, and translators and were announced the winners in the following nominations.

Winners in nominations:

• Best Bestseller of the Year: Ermek Amanshayev for the collection “Song of Butterflies”
• Best Author of the Year: Gulsifat Shakhidi for the book “Tales of Grandma Gulsifat”
• Best Translator of the Yearа: Caroline Walton for the book “The world dissolves, like a dream”(Leila Aliyeva)
• Best Editor of the Year: John Farndon for the book "Recycled" (Anna Komar) 
• Breakthrough of the Year: Rahima Makhmut for the book “Land Drenched in tears” (Soyungul Chanicheff) 
• Best Book Book Series ECG 2018: Shahsanem Murray “Cold Shadows”

As promised, the most intriguing moment for all the guests of the Hertfordshire Press ceremony was the announcement of the grant holder from the Hertfordshire Press publishing house in the nomination The best work of art at the Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum-2018, and we are proud to announce that the winner of the nomination was Lina Dee, for the collection of short stories "Direville".