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News 1st place (Certificate) OEBF-2018

1st place (Certificate) OEBF-2018

1st place (Certificate)


I am very grateful to Марат АхмеджановAnna Lari and the judges, who believed in me, and in "Direville". (In Russian it will be a "Лютевилль")
And of course, I am grateful to my small team, they helped me a lot. (Helen BorodinaYuka Monaskrel)

We thought that the final of competition will be finally today, but now we will wait until January 12! ... every day...)

And a few words about "Direville":

"Direville" is a collection of 9 short stories about the life of a fantasy city in Western Europe in the first half of the XX century:

1. Her Hand Had a Life of its Own
2. A Dwarf in a Box
3. An Old Woman in a Grey Hat
4. The Princes of Direville
5. Screech Beetle and a Special List
6. The Burning Lace
7. Mumble
8. Everything in Its Time
9. Direville: the festival

It all started with the first story about the "Hollywood doll" wich had own secret, by that time I didn't know what It may come. But the story impressed me so much that I decided to write another one.
When I finished a second story about a mysterious dwarf, I realized that it launched it triggered something in my brain and I wanted to build a whole city,...a mystical and mysterious world. These emotions overwhelmed me and now I am finishing working on the second part of "Direville" and writing a third part. 
And despite some problems, I am very happy now!
Thank you very much!
It's very important for me!